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The Myth of the Hydra-Toilet

Myth of the Hydra
Myth of the Hydra

The hydra was a vicious multi-headed snake. The monster was so poisonous that it killed men with its breath and excretion.  Many attempted to kill the Hydra by slicing off its many heads.  However, every time one head was cut off, two more grew back in its place. Finally, Hercules approached the problem differently by cauterizing each neck as he cut them off. In doing so, he was able to stop the Hydra from growing more heads and eventually kill the monster.


A toilet moves waste from one place to another.  It does not eliminate the waste.  What users often take for granted is the subtle distinction between moving and eliminating.  They think they have solved the problem of waste by flushing, when really they just put off the cost to the future.

Making two problems out of one

The principles of moving waste by using a toilet apply to using a trash can. While a trash can may seem like it eliminates waste, it doesn’t.  The garbage is simply moved somewhere else putting the cost of the waste into the future.  Solving waste problems unsustainably is making two problems out of one.


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