Portion of Mind Map

Portion of Mind Map

Documenting my thoughts

In this project I brought a chair to a parking lot, sat in it, and typed up all my thoughts for an hour and a half. Using an online program, I made a new bubble for each new thought. Any more detailed thought about a bubble would be connected with a different colored bubble. I tried to use the least amount of words in each segment to communicate the thought I was having.

Mind Map

Where were all my thoughts?

I realized, while I was typing my thoughts, that there were many things that I was not willing to write. There were countless reasons why I was not willing to write the thought.  I was afraid this person or that person would read them, I didn’t know if the thought would make me look stupid or weird, I didn’t know how to express the thought, the list goes on.  Then I realized there were even thoughts I was not willing to acknowledge. Many of the same reasons that stopped me from writing my thoughts down, stopped me from even thinking of them.  There were hundreds of additional thoughts that I couldn’t force myself to share.  If I could have downloaded all of my thoughts there would have been hundreds of additional segments.

Who cares if there are hidden thoughts

If we cannot be honest and wholly communicate with ourselves, then how can we expect to do the same with others?  Relationships between people are fostered by effective communication. Relationships formed out of miscommunication are bound to have countless gaps and misunderstandings. These gaps and misunderstandings lead to disagreements, and eventually pain. While there is no doubt that patience, effort, and will are all crucial to deeply connected relationships, if perfectly effective communication was possible, it would be paramount. Therefore, becoming more uninhibited and more eloquent in the way we communicate will result in more deeply connected relationships.