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Ryan Eghrari

Month: November 2014


Eternal Existence

Juxtaposition creates recognizable existence

We cannot recognize darkness as darkness without light, nor can we recognize light as light without darkness. Existence is created through a juxtaposition to nonexistence. However, if either existence or non-existence remains for too long, it becomes unrecognizable. Cyclicality is the universes answer to this problem. The constant change between existence and nonexistence creates eternity. Death allows for life, life allows for death, and the cyclicality of death and life reveals the truth of timelessness.


The Tree


People often look at what existed, previous to human creation, as less advanced.  We carry the perspective that innovations of the present are, more beneficial, more complex, and more integrated, than designs of the past.  While this is often true, could it be possible that something designed by millions of years of evolution could be in fact, more beneficial, more complex, and more integrated with the planet than anything a human could currently design? Continue reading

Mapping the Mind

Portion of Mind Map

Portion of Mind Map

Documenting my thoughts

In this project I brought a chair to a parking lot, sat in it, and typed up all my thoughts for an hour and a half. Using an online program, I made a new bubble for each new thought. Any more detailed thought about a bubble would be connected with a different colored bubble. I tried to use the least amount of words in each segment to communicate the thought I was having. Continue reading

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